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Rent A Santa

Rent A Santa has been bringing the magic of Santa Claus to homes and parties for 27 years.  Small family Christmas gatherings to full fledged holiday extravaganzas, Rent A Santa provides a memorable and classic visit!  Rent A Santa is genuine family fun!  The jolly ole elf Santa makes his special visits usually gathered around a Christmas tree, taking photos with you, delivering gifts (encouraged) and visiting with the family.  These visits have always been a special occasion for both, families and Santa.  

Rent A Santa has become a family tradition for many.  Santa visits have been used anonymously as gifts to other families.  It is a super time to invite neighbors to your home in time for your special Santa visit.  Make it a holiday that will be remembered for a life time! 

Santa has limited time available and he books fast.  Don't be disappointed by calling late...call NOW.   (863) 660-1734

 Rent a Santa is located in central Florida area code 33837.  Bookings outside of this immediate area requires additional costs.

Personalized Christmas Santa Keepsakes are
handcrafted with genuine leather and holds a very special, collectible,
newly minted Santa coin.  An awesome gift for all Santa lovers!  Available
this year!

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